Friday, May 28, 2010

The Spicy, Delicious Taste of Being

[Afternoon. Schmutzie plucks away at web design. Palinode rolls like a pig in the obscene joys of joblessness.]

Palinode: I just added a spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: What?

Palinode: I just. Added. A spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: To what?

Palinode: Sardines on toast?

Schmutzie: No, you did not add a delicious taste to sardines on toast.

Palinode: My bottle of rooster sauce says that it adds a spicy, delicious taste to anything.

Schmutzie: There are limits to what can be made delicious. Sardines exceed those limits.

Palinode: I even added some to Heidegger's notion of Being.  It really gave the concept a spicy, delicious taste.

Schmutzie: Rooster sauce only works with physical objects.

Palinode: The bottle says anything.

Schmutzie: Those are just words on a bottle.

Palinode: Hey, you should incorporate rooster sauce into your web design.

Schmutzie: Um. No.

Palinode: It would give your banners a spicy, delicious taste.


Anonymous said...

I thought Dasein was more delicious and spicy today.

blackbird said...

The Bird Boys love them some Rooster Sauce - as you would imagine.

palinode said...

I like to think that the bulk of dense Western philosophy is now tastier, thanks to me.

Jen Wilson said...

I SO agree.

Rosalie said...

I thought we were the only ones to call it Rooster Sauce. mmm tasty and spicy!

palinode said...

Calling it Rooster Sauce is easier to pronounce than Sriracha, and in any case is better in mixed company than calling it Cock Sauce.

twistedxtian said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it can/should make everything tastier, like the label says. Personally, I used it to make multi-variable calculus tastier, but I'll have to check out some Western Philosophy and so how much tastier it is.