Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Palinode on MamaPop: Scott and Renee Baio vs The Lesbians

Over on MamaPop.com I've written about Scott and Renee Baio's weird and entirely offensive fight with Jezebel.com, Twitter users and decent people in general:

This is exciting.  Scott Baio is in the news again.  No, not because of his talent or sharp-toothed good looks.  Because his wife Renee has a problem with "lesbian shitasses".  Hey Renee!  Who doesn't?  They ruin web sites, proms, the sacred institution of marriage - everything.  If they existed outside of Renee Baio's mind, they'd pose a real problem.
"Scott Baio Needs To Watch Out For Those Lesbian Shitasses" (language is NSFW, but it's nearly all from the Baios.)

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