Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Poems for Monsters #2: Frankenstein

Ten minutes left on our coffee break
But there’s no stopping Frankenstein's
Monster on a roll

Blah blah blah he says I was so misunderstood
Peasants and pitchforks and bolts in my skull
I just wanted my own set of Tesla coils
And a nice summer cottage
To play with children
And love goddamnit

Criminal tears trace scars on his face
Meanwhile the entire food court's gone quiet
They're wrapping and unwrapping sandwiches
Nesting birds at twilight
wondering if pine boughs and darkness will shelter them

Hey he says
Have you heard of dianetics?


Schmutzie said...

Poor monster.

Dana said...

We all want our own set of Tesla coils. We would all be well-adjusted, and all lit up, if we had said coils.

I don't know what's possessed you to write this series, but bring on more. I like.

ozma said...

This one is pure genius. And that's weird. I KNEW you'd do Frankenstein next.

I was going to request "make him a complainer like in the book." And wow, you did. I should be your editor but obviously you don't need any advice.

Better, than a complainer you made him a Scientologist.

I love the lyrical little interlude in the food court.