Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Poems for Monsters #1: Dracula

Dracula stop rising
From the grave to steal
My girlfriends


You gotta cockblock
Like that? Humans

Need game too

Who invited you
to Brad's party anyway


Schmutzie said...


Kristina said...

Marry me.

palinode said...

Kristina - Absolutely. I would be happy to marry you at your earliest convenience. Since I am already married, though, I would need to marry you to somebody else. So: when you find this other person, be they man or woman, please let me know. Also allow a few week's lead time so I can get ordained in some crazy church or other.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

You wouldn't believe me if I told you hard that made me laugh.

Dana said...


palinode said...

Bhjesus - True, I do not believe you.

Dana - Just you wait for my poem to Frankenstein.

Helvetica said...

Don't forget to read the poem at Kristina's wedding! Just after the vows, I recommend.