Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Poems for Monsters #3: Zombies

Attention all staff
Please stop with the shopping cart
zombie races

Shoppers have complained
of finding zombie pieces
in their groceries


Management asks that
staff cease pretending the heads
are promotional items

Heads are not promo
Items – they smell and they bite
and some of them curse

Some of you no doubt
have nothing better to do
with your coffee breaks

Than use company
property like spoiled children
Nice attitude folks

We do not accept
responsibility for
the unsanctioned dead

And we are tired of
hosing down the parking lot
during zombie hours

Thank you


Schmutzie said...

Zombies! Always brilliant subject matter.

The Holmes said...

I'm enjoying this series. I look forward to the werewolf entry.

H. Brown said...

i'm trying to work up my courage to read pride and prejudice and zombies. i've heard it really bridges the gap.

Imnotbenny said...

"People are finding zombie pieces in their groceries" is the funniest thing I will read all day.

Most likely.

acorndreaming said...

I have to admit that, as a rule, I am not a zombie fan, but somehow zombies in grocery stores works for me. (It's probably because I feel like a mommy zombie in the grocery store. I hate the grocery store.) I love the poem.