Monday, November 26, 2007

x365: 46 of 365: the cabdriver who misheard me

Did you seriously think we were stopping for a jar of pickles on the way home from the bar on Friday night? Here is a brief list of the things you stop for at the 7-Eleven after a night of drink and loud talk:

beef jerky
those horrible chicken wings
more beer, if you live in one of those places where you can get beer at a 7-Eleven, which I don't, because most of Canada has Victorian-era liquor laws.
cigarettes, for the smokers
cigarette papers, for the upsmokers
random junk food, to taste
healthy Zima

Pickles is not on that list.


sgazzetti said...

But pickles should be on that list.

Tiana said...

What did you ACTUALLY say?

wench said...

i reiterate sgazzeti & tiana's comments and:

"cigarette papers, for the upsmokers"

up-smokers, nice usage, think i'm going to adopt that one, thanks!

witchypoo said...

Errmm...was the cabdriver pregnant?

palinode said...

sgazzetti - You're not wrong.

tiana - Like they say in The Village, that would be telling.

I can't leave you hanging. It was papers.

wench - Upsmokers unite?

witchypoo - I didn't ask him.

savia said...

Don't forget the coagulated processed cheese product with a side of tortilla chips.