Wednesday, September 08, 2010

gluten free

[Supper time. Schmutzie and The Palinode are hungry. Who can blame them?]

Schmutzie: Is it supper time?

Palinode: It is.

[See? Just like I said.]

Schmutzie: Is there food in the house?

Palinode: Maybe. But there's better food outside the house.

Schmutzie: I should phone Panago and see if they have gluten free pahp - pizza.

Palinode: Were you about to say gluten-free pap smears?

Schmutzie: I think I was.

Palinode: Because you shouldn't fall for the ads. All pap smears are gluten free.

[Sadly this conversation happened.]


Zoeyjane said...

If Panago had gluten free pizzas, I would have spent the past two years volunteering for pap smears, as some sort of thanks for the truly delicious, gluten-free pizza.

After writing that paragraph, I really can't see how pap smears could thank anyone. Well, maybe people who're really into long Qtips and slides. Also, vaginas.

PS. Amy's has a bunch of frozen pizzas that are gluten-free, either with corn or rice crusts. And Bob's Red Mill pizza dough mix is super easy and pretty damn good, if you add your own seasonings into the dough.

Ky said...

I wish Panago had gluten-free pizzas.

Boston Pizza has one. It's not great, but it's so very much better than other restaurant gluten-free pizzas I've had.

palinode said...

Zoeyjane - That's good to know. There's a grocery store down the street that sells all manner of Amy's products.

Ky - I saw Boston Pizza advertising its gluten-free pizza. If you wander into Regina, you can also have gluten-free pizza at Beer Brothers. But holy hannah is it expensive.

Disgraced Media Baron said...

But the more pressing issue is, where might I find pizza-free gluten?

little big / exlibris said...

The gluten-rich pap smears cost extra, buddy.