Tuesday, September 09, 2008

one gorilla per child

It's a sick day, a sick day, a no-meetings-or-learning-lunches sick day. Sick Palinode and Hale Schmutzie hanging out in bed.

Schmutzie: Did you know that we have as much hair on our bodies as gorillas?

Palinode: But -

Schmutzie: It's true.

Palinode: How many gorillas?

Schmutzie: Um, just one.

Palinode: That's never going to work, on account of the huge human-to-gorilla imbalance.

Schmutzie: We'll have to divide up the gorillas.

Palinode: That's never going to happen. The rich are going to get their personal designer gorillas -

Schmutzie: The rest of us will get howler monkeys.

Palinode: Lemurs, more like.

Schmutzie: Fucking richies.


You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Judging by the hairy nature of your left ear, you'd probably require an entire village of lemurs.

lotus07 said...

We have five cats and a dog....how does that factor in?

palinode said...

'sir' - It's true, I have requirements above the norm. And those requirements seem to increase with every year.

lotus07 - Pets are not eligible for primate-hair exchange programs under the provisions of the No Gorilla Left Behind Act.