Monday, May 05, 2008

menu advice

[Almost lunch. Clouds proceed across the sky. Trainyards across the nation are busy. Palinode (that's me) phones Schmutzie (that's her).]

Palinode: I'm stuck in one of those agonies of indecision.

Schmutzie: And?

Palinode: I don't know what to eat for lunch.

Schmutzie: Have something with fruit.

Palinode: In that case I'll have a pie for lunch.

Schmutzie: A whole pie?


Schmutzie: A fruit pie?

Palinode: A lunch pie.

Schmutzie: There's no such thing.

Palinode: It's just like a regular pie, but people stare at you in horror.


Tamara said...

I want to marry both of you.

lotus07 said...

Make sure you order extra whipped topping and ice cream with that Pie.....that will make it a 'balanced' lunch.

trinity67 said...

If eating an entire fruit pie for lunch is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Rebecca said...

I wonder what would be in a naked lunch pie.

Schmutzie said...


Theresa said...

I'll bet you two make sweet, sweet pies together.

Helvetica said...

There's always chicken pot pie. That's an honest lunch pie. But not very fruity.