Tuesday, April 15, 2008

my dream as a comic

I had a dream last week that a disease was killing the world. The only person unaffected by the plague was Superman, who's a hardy fellow. He went here and there, watching people die, unable to fix it. At the end of the dream the last person died in Superman's arms.

I woke up perplexed at my stupid brain and then forgot about it. So imagine my surprise when I found my dream in a panel of a Dinosaur comic:


Here's what I'm wondering: did Ryan North have this same dream? Is it an old Action Comics cover that North and I both wandered across in our childhoods and subsequently forgot? All I know is, I had to spend eight hours today listening to a motivational speaker, and the notion of a shared dreamlife where everyone dies but Superman is preferable to a conscious world where organizational coaches are permitted to roam the land unchecked.


Bill Braine said...

Eight hours of motivational speech seems to sort of miss the point.

To say the least.

palinode said...

I think you're right.

lotus07 said...

What I find really odd, is the fact that the large green dinosaur is about to crush the house, and as he does so he is expounding on the concept of Superman's failure to the smaller white dinosaur. That is just a bit to surreal for me.

lizneust said...

I hate motivational speakers and organizational coaches and their ilk with a white hot passion. I am sure that they are lovely people, but I would rather do almost anything else than listen to one.

Schmutzie said...

*STOMP* Motivational speaker flattened. The End.