Saturday, December 15, 2007

very very sleepy

Astute folk will notice that my posting has slowed down over the last week. Why? Am I busy? On vacation in the Amazon? Working hard in the Amazon? Closing my eyes and screaming "I'm in the AMAZON, damnit!" whenever someone asks me a question?

No, nothing so exciting as screaming Amazon at people. The truth is, I've been tired. As I recover from surgery, I'm gradually able to be more active, but the cost of activity is fatigue. Today I did dishes and mopped the floor, and it felt like I'd gone on a 48-hour speed binge. If someone had told me when I was young that doing speed was as much fun as mopping the floor, I'd have thrown away my life on crystal meth in high school.

Anyway. Until I'm on my feet a bit more, updates to this site may be sporadic. Thanks for your understanding and continued Amazon.

PS. Today we had an early Christmas. I won't go into why, or what all I got, but I can tell you that I have 100% more pinhole camera kit, a sharp increase in insulated steel french presses, and a radical uptick in T-shirts with this image:


ozma said...

That's a mighty fine shirt. I still hold to my general principle of no Christmas between friends or lovers but things like that shirt do tempt me to stray.

blackbird said...

Woot for the little bit of Christmas.
God damn that little man.

Gwen said...


Betsey C. said...

Hope you had a merry early Yuletide. Love the shirt, it's reminiscent of Monty Python. "Lupines? You must be mad. We have no Lupines!"

Rebecca said...

Whoever Amazon! bought you that shirt Amazon! is awesome. Amazon!

Schmutzie said...

I am the fabulous gifter in question regarding the pinhole camera kit and the t-shirt. See me rawk.

palinode said...

Ozma - No Christmas between friends and lovers? Where's your reciprocal Christmas?

blackbird - It's nice to have a bit of early Yule. The cats seemed to have a good time with the discarded paper and bubble wrap.

gwen - Nozama! That's what you say when someone says Amazon to you.

betsey c. - Now I've got the Monty Python lupin sketch going through my head. In the town where I grew up, purple and pink lupins grew wild all over the place. Our backyard was full of them.

rebecca - The Amazonian awesomeness belongs to Schmutzie.

schmutzie - I just told everybody that.

savia said...

Are you sure you just weren't shopping on Amazon? Because that can be very tiring, and expensive, too.