Sunday, December 16, 2007

cats steal socks

It's true. Cats are sock thieves without parallel. Here's forty-two seconds of pure perfidy. On the cat's part, not mine. I'm taking back what's mine.

cat, thief of socks from palinode on Vimeo.

Note: This video should be embedding but isn't, for some stoopid reason. Hold on. Now you see how it is.


Belinda said...

Man, that cat is terrified of you. Good work!

palinode said...

See, what I did was, I scarred that cat for life.

Anonymous said...

tell the little man to stop poking the cat

Anonymous said...

Cats are evil. They likely caused your back ill and have tainted your mind with their toxic poop.
toxoplasmosis is only one of their many evils, but it has recently been linked to addiction and "mind control."

The number of cats one owns is often used to gauge their mental health --the more cats = the crazier. There is a reason the crazy cat lady is stereotype. Cat's have a long history of links to depression and mental illness in humans, often as a symptom, but more recent studies have suggest they are also the cause.

Owning cats is physiologically and psychologically bad for humans.

--------------------------and on a completely different note check this out---------------,,2217067,00.html
Guerrilla Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark's clock

Anonymous said...

at the end of that discovery magazine article you see how cat ownership -via toxoplasmosis- is likely suppressing your immune system, especially bad for one in a post-op state.

----Cats have also been proved not to be helpful in rehab situations, "A cat has apparently "predicted" the deaths of 25 residents in a nursing home in the US." Pets for Patients and similar groups use only dogs and have discontinued any use of cats. Caring Canines have been helpful in patient care while killer sociopathic cats have only licked stitches and spread infection and depression.

Anonymous said...

hmm... how can put this more clearly..

Asbestos bad.
Cats evil.

Cats are so evil that when Koreans added a fluorescent gene to cat DNA they glowed a satanic RED!

p-man said...

The cat was set up. There is no evidence of felony.

motherbumper said...

you uh.. really put kitty in her/his place. I could feel his/her fear and intimidation. No really I could.

palinode said...

anonymouses - Thank you for the information. I've had the cats put to death via lethal inspection (the evil eye).

They didn't cause my back issues, though, unless toxoplasmosis can fracture bone and herniate discs.

p-man - No evidence? Didn't you see the cat and the socks in the same frame? I took care to frame the cat with the socks.

motherbumper - Of course you felt the cat's fear. It was that obvious.

lotus07 said...

By far, the best cat video I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Palinode do not be too hasty in dismissing the culpability of your cat. In a study by Dr.Jaroslav Flegr, Dr.Jan HavlĂ­cek, and 3 others have scientifically showing that an infection toxoplasmosis, from your cats, more than doubles the odds of a person having an [traffic] accident.(1)

Who was looking at you with cat-eyes when you back injury occurred... and probably ran over afterwords to gloat in victory?

(1)Increased risk of traffic accidents in subjects with latent toxoplasmosis: a retrospective case-control study

Anonymous said...

--please pardon my constantly poor grammar.

Sparkling Red said...


Is that Latin for the ailment of cold feet due to one's socks having been stolen by a feline?

Sounds serious. Possibly fatal if untreated. Maybe we should do a fund-raising marathon, or a ribbon campaign. Save the toesies!

ozma said...

Yeah, you showed her. She'll never do THAT again.

Nat said...

Cats also steal boiled eggs and entire bottles of 5-HTP. I have yet to find either and it's been months. I'm hungry AND depressed!