Tuesday, November 27, 2007

one thing about me

If I wake up with the memory of a dream still in my head, it's often about Aliens. The egg-laying face-hugging double-jawed kind from the Alien movies. No, I'll be more specific: other dreams, the non-Aliens kind, are ones I remember. The ones with Aliens are dreams that I experience. And I hate them. Those creatures scare the crap out of me. Last night, at least, I had some kind of plasma weapon, and I could shoot at the damn things when they came around corners. But I usually missed.

Every so often, in the midst of one of my Aliens dreams, I cross over into lucidity for a moment and I think, I wish I could stop having this scary dream. I never think, hey, Aliens aren't real, I'm gonna kick one between the legs and see what happens! Of course, I know what happens in those situations: goodbye face. I prefer my dreams pre-1985, when I'd never seen an Alien film.

Before 1985 I dreamed about bears. They menaced me, chased me around a bit, and sometimes they fought with goats. That's what happens when you grow up in the middle of nowhere.


Mr. Saucy said...

Hey I still have occasional bad dreams featuring the lovable Bob from Twin Peaks.

Anonymous said...

Better than my, all my teeth are falling out and the plane is gonna crash dreams.

Rebecca said...

Oh! I'm so glad you mentioned this. About a month ago, NPR aired a segment on why, according to sleep researchers and psychologists, people should not control their nightmares.


So put that plasma gun away, big boy, and hand the alien a lollipop.

nathan said...

All of my worst, scariest, realest dreams are about either tornadoes or dinosaurs. One I've seen, the other I haven't. Both always chase me in my dreams, but I can never escape.

Let's avoid analysis.

palinode said...

herr saucy - Hey, there's one figure who should show up in my nightmares. He's like a nightmare realized on the show. But I've never met him in a dream.

anonymous - I have dreams of taking a trip and getting lost, but my planes stay up and my teeth stay secure.

rebecca - Oh, good link. Thanks.

nathan - Sometimes I get apocalyptic dreams involving giant tsunamis and towering storms. The sun comes unmoored and swings across the sky like a bulb on a cord. Those are remarkably vivid dreams.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh! I come from the middle of nowhere in the far north of Canada and I used to dream about bears as well. The bear in my dreams would bite off my arm and I would die, my dream would turn black, but I could still hear what was going on around me. My parents freaking out because a bear ate me. I am so glad I don't watch alien movies.

sweetney said...

seems this is how people start actually believing they were indeed abducted by aliens, right? or is that just what the Men In Black want us to believe?