Saturday, September 29, 2007

it's x365 time

x365, that's a thing. It's a thing where a guy named Dan decided to write about 365 people he'd met in his life. Every day, for 365 days. There are rules* about how many words are permissible per post, but these rules are flexible and even breakable if the occasion demands. Like most things in the world of blogs, nobody's enforcing the rules. It's a libertarian's dream! Like most libertarian dreams, it happens in cyberspace and not the real world.

#1: Steve Austin

I was terrified of the credits, but once the show started I would venture out from behind the couch to watch you beat up a robot Sasquatch or trade quips with Oscar Goldman. Can I confess to something? I liked Maskatron, the face-swapping robot, way better than I liked you.

*One of the rules probably involves restricting your x365 list to real people. I've decided to mix the people that I've met in the flesh with fictional characters and imaginary friends. It's a libertarian's dream!


Deron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deron said...

Dear Palinode:

I don't know what it is with you and your lovely wife Schmutzie, but I am distressed with the abbreviated posts now appearing in my newsfeed. I kindly ask that the full posts are restored as soon as possible. If they are not then I shall have no choice but to remove you both from my newsfeed -- thus forcing me to visit your sites directly each day.

Thank you for your attention.

PS - Maskatron was awesome.

PPS - Sorry for cluttering your blog up with "This post has been removed by the author." comments.

palinode said...

There's a reason why I've switched from full feed. Schmutzie and m'self were wondering if the fall-off in comments over the last few months may be related to the increasing reliance on rss aggregators. What would happen, I thought, if I went from full posts to blurbs? Would more people comment? Would they be pissed off? I believe that you are living proof that both questions can be answered in the affirmative.

You are correct: Maskatron = awesome.

Kate said...

Ah, robot Sasquatch. Played by Andre the Giant. So awesome. I would also like to add that my friends and I are fond of noting that "Steve Austin has a bionic ass," and lamenting the fact that we, as a society, do not yet possess bionic ass technology.

palinode said...

Once we are able to master that bionic noise whenever we flex our ass cheeks, then we will have no need of the technology. We will be the technology.