Saturday, March 31, 2007

pink sweater

I took this last fall with Schmutzie's camera. I generally don't like taking self-portraits, mostly because I'm always surprised at my own face. But I like the look of this one.


blackbird said...

tho you DO look a little surprised.

sgazzetti said...

Concur. I think it's something about process taking precedence over product in the composition, or I could be oot of my mind.

Also: liking the redesign. Make sure you give Schmutzie some corn. And speaking of vegetables, am very happy with your succinct description of cauliflower curry.

About your sidebar: have you looked in the dryer?

abigailroad said...

You are without a doubt, the only man I know personally, that can pull off wearing pink.

ozma said...

The way I avoid the face surprise thing is that I imagine myself as a monster and then when I see a picture of myself I am relieved to be merely human.