Tuesday, December 12, 2006

15 uses for post-it notes

Here's a game to play for the slow hours in the office: write a story on post-it notes. Write carefully and deliberately, but do not stop, back up or edit. Grammatical errors? What a shame. Story turning out too stupid? Too bad. I've become so inured to writing on a computer screen that instantaneous, thoughtless editing has become a reflex. Writing on post-its is a way to think ahead as you write but give yourself the permission to make mistakes and do stupid shit.

Plus it looks incontrovertibly like work when people walk by your office door.

And that's why I always edit.


schmutzie said...

All praise editting!

Those demons sound a lot like Horatio Cain. He is always standing in profile to the other characters in "CSI Miami".

palinode said...

Yes, but they're less cheesy. And though they're generally on-message, they rarely repeat themselves as inanely as David Caruso.

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Anonymous said...

Some day you will die and the internet will be no more because a corporation bought it all and cut off the access of children and free thining adults, and now all we will see online are ads for movies by the likes of Mel Gibson and fizzy drinks that make us stupid and keep us from knowing how much we suffer the tyranny--but your post-it's will live on, and they will be pasted into books, copied on an old surviving xerox machine and sold underground to inspire the oppressed. The oppressed will rise up. They will be chopped down but they will rise up again and again....until they are victorious and become the oppressors and the whole damned thing takes 30 years to turn around.

rtdeluph (the secret salute which I am now inputting in order to transmit this very sensitive message)

Sven said...

I bought insanely interesting yoga mats instead...sorry my password is IBIIYMI. David Caruso is the current incarnation of the deity known as Shatnerzario. Because...he talks...like you need...to be listening...really closely...for it to make sense. Sorry my comment got lost in the David Caruso somewhere and I am unwilling to reach in to get it.

palinode said...

How did David Caruso hijack these comments? Damn pasty red-haired mutt.

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