Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fish fashions summer '71

Good news for everyone who likes good news! At the urging of lots of people, or maybe three people, I'm putting my Die Lungbreathers fish on a line of apparel. T-shirts, infant onesies, mugs, thongs and boxers - you name it, a Die Lungbreathers fish can adorn it. With special guest appearances by Terrible Fish Machines and Whale Propaganda (also makes a fine screensaver).

In the meantime, while I'm hashing out the details and making sure that you all get my finest art on the most sweatshop-free clothing available, here are some Die Lungbreathers fashion sketches I've whipped up, in homage to the Sears catalogues of my youth.

I call it "Sharp Poly Pant Look" (with discreet pant spigot).

"Night Action Look"

"Street or Shower"

Were the Sears catalogues of my youth really filled with streetwise young hustlers lounging against brick walls? It must have been so.


sgazzetti said...

I'll be up for a "Die Lungbreathers" bathrobe. I'd also spring for a "Die Fledermaus" onesie, if you decided to market those.

And the discreet pant spigot is WAY overdue.

Dana said...

I want footie pajamas, please, with the spigot.

palinode said...

Youse guys, with your crazy requests. Sgazzeti, I can come up with a Fledermaus sketch, if you don't mind it looking a bit like the crazy fish. I think the teeth and the crazed eyes would transfer well.

Dana, I don't know if the company I'm using has footie pyjamas. But that? Would be awful cool.

Mother Bumper said...

None of your models are pointing... I thought it was a prerequisite that all Sears lounge wear models point at the sky and smile. Or at least that's how I remember them.

Waiting anxiously for the line debut Monsieur Palinode.

My Head Is Too Big said...

I represent a consortium of secretive groups who have aligned with one another to bring about the anti-aquatic movement in a short enough time that humanity still has a chance. The infrastructure is in place, with several "scuba" schools being set up across the continent. Recruiting drives continue in schools, rec centres and bars, and we've built a compound on the shores of Madge Lake here in Saskatchewan, the logic being that should the ocean dwellers rise up sooner than anticipated, we will have a stronghold here much longer than say, P.E.I. One aspect of our plan that is lacking are uniforms. Snazzy ones. Perhaps with jackboots, pith helmets and some kind of water-wings that could be worn around the bicep featuring our logo. Anti-aquatic rallies, or A.A. meetings, are being held regularly at your local pub. Go to the rear entrance, knock three times and say: "Captain Highliner"

My Head Is Too Big said...

Oh yeah, and we want spigots as well.

abigailroad said...

Just when you thought you'd seen it all......


Hey!And I want footie pajamas too!