Thursday, November 16, 2006

cartooning the news

Here's a little something I thought up this morning where I take some cartoon characters I've drawn in my notebook and have them say things that apply to today's most up-to-the-minute breakingest headlines. I'm hoping that the illustration will point out, in a humorous way, some of the foibles of the men and women in power. I can't figure out what to call it yet, so if you hear of anything similar, just let me know.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that people in the US are no longer hungry. Instead, they are experiencing "very low food security". I don't quite get that phrase - are people allowing liquids and gels into their stomachs? At any rate, it appears that the number of people experiencing low food security has been rising for the last five years, now totalling around 35 million, or 12% of the population. Is there a Department of Food Security in the offing? Maybe that's going to be the new name for the USDA.

That fish is a real hater.


palinode said...

Geez folks. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

What about those of us who are both poor and fat? I am sure that works into "low food security" somehow and I am sure you can work it out for me. (I already called myself fat so you can't offend me.)

My Head Is Too Big said...

That fish's time will come.