Tuesday, April 25, 2006

an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who's been ending his speeches with "God bless Canada"

Stop that.


Chris said...

The President of the United States (and not just the current squatter) has been saying God Bless the United States for years. Do you think when God goes to bed he actually says, "I bless Canada, and the United States, and Great Britain (not as great as me), and Sweden, and...well, not that filthy Iraq. Oh and while I'm at it, I'm not blessing Iran either. What on earth posessed me to create them in the first place?"

palinode said...

God made all the Good places, and then, in a fit of mystical pique or dystemper, made the Bad ones too. Then, in a state of pure cosmological rage, he made South Dakota.

Helvetica said...

So, really S.Dakota and parts of Alberta should be called the cosmologicalragelands?

mathew said...

the representatives have been trying to think of a new slogan to revive their tourist industry and have taken a page from montana's book:

'south dakota: big barren country'

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

And that's why I'm glad I'm not Canadian. At least our president...oh. Wait. Yeah.

maarmie said...

Can you get our government to stop that nonsense here, too? Thanks much!

cenobyte said...

Perhaps we could incite him to say "Chthulu Bless Canada"? 'Cause then you get a whole new meaning for "CBC".

palinode said...

Chthulu Bless Canada, and may the elder gods devour the frozen northlands last of all.


Tonight on CBC - Hideous glyphs that would consume your soul, were you not protected by sweet ignorance! It's all part of the Air Farce marathon this Friday!

JennC said...

Stephan Harper says that? UGH!

I knew I didn't like him... He's a shameless George W. sycophant.

As a Canadian living abroad, there are times when I'm glad that I no longer live in Canada. This is one of them and that makes me a mad. I feel like my country is being poisoned.

Wake up Canadians! S. Harper is creepy.

JennC said...

Gar. I hate spelling mistakes.

Stephen Harper not Stephan Harper. I have forgotten how this name is spelled in English. Oops.

He's still creepy.

Serenity Now! said...

I like Stephen Harper.

I like that he says that.

I voted for him. I'd rather have a PM that looks creepy and his honest, than a PM that looks like Mr. Dithers and acts like a criminal.

But that's just me.

palinode said...

I'd feel better about Harper if he weren't beseeching an invisible superman in the sky to watch over us. I prefer leaders who appeal to earthly powers, myself.

Do you think Harper's honest? I'm not asking in an inflammatory or rhetorical sense - I'm wondering if you think he's honest in comparison to Martin or honest in absolute sense.

And anyway, it's not just you - it's enough people in Canada to get him elected. No need to act like a minority voice (except here, maybe).

Grand Tuma said...

Hey goodapple,

Which PM acted like a criminal? When, and how so?
I'm assuming you live in Harpie' riding, as that's the only way you could've voted for him. Although that's neither here nor there, why do you assume he's honest? Bribing Emerson to switch parties RIGHT after the election isn't all that honest. And don't bring up Belinda. At least she crossed the floor BEFORE and election and the voters forgave her. Trust me, Harper's got a signed copy of Mulroney's dirty tricks and he's gonna try them all one at a time. But in the meantime, he's a bit busy trying to pull Peter MacKay's nose out of Condi's butt.

cheers, btw

abigailroad said...

Here, Here!