Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A snip from John Berger's essay "The Wall and the Bulldozer":

The End of History, which is the Corporate global slogan, is not a prophecy, but an order to wipe out the past and what it has bequeathed everywhere. The market requires every consumer and employee to be massively alone in the present.

Well, duh.


schmutzie said...

Without this essay, I would never have pinpointed my massively-alone-in-the-present-ness. You have saved me from suffering through what I could originally only peg as a vague ennui.

ozma said...

Ha ha ha ha. He also said that no electorate is prepared to accept this dismantling. Dang, has he been to Las Vegas lately?

palinode said...

Berger has been spoiled by Western Europe, maybe.