Tuesday, December 20, 2005

where i´m

i´m in costa rica. it´s waaaarm. The birds scream at us wherever we go. And at breakfast I learned some useful Spanish: agua caliente. It was in a carafe right next to the jugo and the leche.

I have no time to tell you more. I hope you few and faithful holiday readers are having a good time.


blackbird said...

hugs and kisses for Christmas from Tuvalu to you and der Schmutz!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

i'm in costa rica. it's waaarm.

Speaking from my -17 degree home, I hate you.

And how often does "hot water" come up in conversation?

Mr. Saucy said...

To my whole family via Palinode, I will say:

Fuck all y'all!

There. Now I feel much better.

savia said...

Oskar is doing awesome, FYI. He hasn't destroyed my house yet (knock on wood) and he only tried to hump my grey cat once (that I know of).

Have a great time!

palinode said...

blackbird: And the same to you and your family. But maybe I don't send kisses to K, 'cause, ya know, I'd have to get up on a stool.

Mr. Saucy: Yeah, okay, I'll tell Mom and Dad you said Fuck all y'all. They'll get a big old kick out of that.

AMG: -17. Ah hah hah hah. You lose out. If you'd had the foresight to marry me, you could be here.

Savia: That's great to hear. He has no cat to hump at home. Maybe that's what he needs: a little hump-buddy. You could bring your cat over every so often for a booty call.

b'gina said...

How's Schmutzie? Is she feeling the love now that she's back on solid ground again?

Take pictures!