Wednesday, December 14, 2005

noo feechers

A brief update on my site: If you turn your attention to the sidebar on the right - no, not my right, your right - you'll see that I've added the following: a link to my email address, a link to my Atom feed, and best of all, a comprehensive autobiography for the curious. As a bonus, I've included three manifestations of earthly Grace for your entertainment.

I trust you all not to abuse my new features. They're still a little damp.


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

No comments yet? I'm amazed! I myself found the autobiography simply fascinating. Humourous, but with a touch of poignancy. Just the way I enjoy it.

palinode said...

I´m glad you liked the autiobio. I´m thinking of writing a second one full of lies, or maybe in a choose-your-own-adventure style.