Monday, March 28, 2005

fight club fear

There's nothing like walking downtown and stopping to pick up bath bombs on the way to a Japanese restaurant right next to your favourite Irish pub after a long day of producing a television series to make you realize that you are a pathetic cultural stereotype. Tyler Durden is going to pop up at any moment and beat my ass into the ground. But not before I've finshed my agedashi tofu, damnit.


Anonymous said...

Re. 13 going on 30: does anyone else think it's phenomenally unfair that a guy as normal-looking as Mark Ruffalo scores with women like Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Garner?

Re: bath bombs. That sounds like a James Bond bad guy toy. I think it'd work well, visually: a lot of wet, soapy female nakedness followed by a fabulous explosion. Undoubtedly Mark Ruffalo got his hands on her before she clambered into the tub.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was me, Helvetica, whining away.