Wednesday, November 17, 2004

the perils of speaking out loud I

When we extended a post-election invite to Americans who wanted to flee to Canada, this really wasn't what we meant.


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Anonymous said...

Watch: things are going to get ugly. Once we've flooded your country with political refugees there'll be grumbling on the streets of Vancouver and Toronto about how the goddamn Americans are taking the place over and smothering Canada with their (our) hideous culture. There'll be anti-American politicians who try to stem the influx by appealing to nationalism. These people will then get harassed by American-Canadian pluralist coalitions. It's all downhill once you people get your first Fortuyn or Van Gogh.

Although I guess my point is I really don't see that happening. Thank you, Canada, for being so nice!

I also wanted to let you know that you were the 20,000th visitor to my website. No joke! I know I left that ticket to Hawaii and $40,000 check around here somewhere, just let me get back to you...