Wednesday, July 28, 2004

guardian angels

A sign at the Shoppers Drug Mart in front of the pharmaceuticals counter reads "To Us, It's Always Allergy Season". Sure, why not? Let histamines build and noses flow, let glands swell up and hives emerge. Let eyeballs sting and water, in the perpetual springtime of Shoppers Drug Mart. And while we're at it, let mosquitoes carry West Nile virus back and forth, host to host. Let joints stiffen and blood pressure rise, let cholesterol scale artery walls. Let synapses fizzle as they wait for serotonin. Hell, let feet itch. The guardians of the global pharmaceutical market will watch out for us.


starcat said...

Geez, can't an MNC care about us for even a little bit? I can't breathe here.
Wait, is Shoppers an MNC? if not, fuck em, opportunistic bastards.

palinode said...

Shoppers/Pharmaprix appears to be a Canadian company through and through, founded in 1962 and still going strong, with a 23.5% increase in net earnings from 2002-2003. Chairman and CEO is Glenn Murphy, who worked with Loblaw's for many years, presided over the last 11 months of Chapters disintegration, then moved on to Shoppers and turned into a publicly traded corporation. All-Canadian success story.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Node,

I seem to have to enter this site at least twice before the WWW will acknowledge that it exists - is entering your site like converting to Judaism? Do I have to ask three times before it believes that I'm serious?

- Skatch

luvabeans said...

hee. skatch is funny. itchy feet, on the other hand, (foot?)(no) is NEVER a laughing matter.