Friday, June 04, 2004

botany bay road

I can't tell exactly how slummy and run-down Botany Bay Road is. On the one hand, the storefronts are tiny and every single sign seems faded and peeling. On the other hand, the merchandise in the stores is frighteningly high-end without appearing to be illegal. Or maybe it is and I'm a naive jet-lagged young man wandering the streets of far-flung suburban Sydney, thinking: what am I doing here?

Jet lag is like constantly coming up to a cliff edge. I feel like I'm in a sunny desert-like Van Helsing.


Anonymous said...

Paul - I am jealous of your Australian whereabouts! Send a postcard!!! Say hi to Greg for me also! Paul the exclamator.

Anonymous said...

Helvetica here. Did you know that an Australian president disappeared one night when out for a swim in the heavy surf?