Friday, August 07, 2009

the politics of slutty jovians

[3 a.m. Grey stripe on black stripe, no light, just shadows. Schmutzie and Palinode cannot sleep.]

Palinode: They're all sluts on Jupiter.

Schmutzie: Why's that?

Palinode: The gravity's so strong that they can't do any light petting. Heavy petting is their baseline.

Schmutzie: Wow. They are slutty.

Palinode: Bunch of slutty Jovians in the sky.

Schmutzie: I was going to call them Jupiterites. Or Jupitites.

Palinode: Nope. They're Jovians.

Schmutzie: And they're jovial?

Palinode: Jovial jovians. There's probably a connection between the words.

Schmutzie: I bet there's a connection between their mood and their sluttiness.

Palinode: Happy Sluts of Jupiter!

Schmutzie: You should write something called The Politics of Slutty Jovians.

Palinode: Maybe I will. And maybe I just did.



Schmutzie said...

We are so brilliant.

dailypiglet said...

so brilliant, you are both the brilliantest evah.

seriously, that's pretty cool.

dailypiglet said...

p.s. good story line for a series on showtime perhaps?

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to someday remember some of the conversations that Mr. B and I have. yeah....

trinity67 said...

You guys are so freaking awesome.

ozma said...

I love the idea of a makeout baseline.

But there's something so frightening about the idea of both light and heavy petting. Just the words 'heavy petting.' Eeeee.

Aidan said...

The entry for Jovial: 1590, from Fr., from It. joviale, lit. "pertaining to Jupiter," from L. Jovialis "of Jupiter," from Jovius (used as gen. of Juppiter) "Jupiter," Roman god of the sky. The meaning "good-humored, merry," is from astrological belief that those born under the sign of the planet Jupiter are of such dispositions. In classical L., the compound Juppiter replaced Old L. Jovis as the god's name. Jovian, in ref. to the planet Jupiter, is from 1794.