Monday, July 13, 2009

poems for Monsters #5: That Old Sith

Palpatine has lost his lightning
Now he cons the Subway guy
For free sandwiches

Don’t even need my mind control he brags
Kid’s just a moron

He stoops to pluck a cigarette butt
smeared across the sidewalk

Six or seven babies like these
make a good smoke

he says
Want to split a meatball sub?
It’s on me


ozma said...

Amazingly, you turned into someone apparently harmless but the pure evil somehow breaks through. I don't know how though.

I don't think I will look at Palpatine the same way again.

I sort of saw him as yr. standard creepy landlord. Like he shows you the basement and you think you'll never come out alive. This is better, though.

Anonymous said...

I never realized I knew Emperor Palpatine. He's asked me for spare change and peed on my fence before. Yes folks I have a new greatest claim to fame.

Ozma said...


Might I suggest the Wolfman? I don't want to mess with your creative mojo though.

Nat said...

I'm loving the poetry series! Each one I read becomes my favourite, until I read the next one...or reread a past one.

Thomas said...

This hits a bit close to home.

When I was eleven I used to make sport of finding cigarettes in public ashtrays that still had a drag or two in them.

I didn't realize that made me a potential evil emperor of the galaxy.

Svenister said...

I have met emperor Palpatine...he lives in Calgary and steals used books from a store I used to work in. If you did the monster Palpatine you should probably do George Bush..
just saying.
Or at least the Golem.