Wednesday, October 01, 2008

new travels with greg post

Holy old Rory Calhoun! After months of inactivity, I have thrown an update at my site Travels With Greg, the story of my six-week documentary shoot in Europe in the autumn of 2004. I need to get back to this thing because my recall is beginning to fade, and my notebooks from that time are starting to look schizophrenic. Anyway, join me for entry 2.4, which tells the gripping story of leaving Heathrow and landing in Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Sleepless international travel has never been so exciting.

Day 2.4 - Out of England

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DOT said...

Holy Mackerel, you give me hope, Palinode. I thought I was slow at getting things done but I now know I am Billy Whizz in comparison.

Dana said...

I didn't think you were still *doing* travels with greg.

palinode said...

NOTHING is ever finished. It is only postponed, or delayed, or held in the magisterial escrow of the mind.