Wednesday, August 27, 2008

use of nouns

[Schmutzie is driving, driving, driving. Palinode is passengering along in the front seat. The sun is hot, yellow and eight light-minutes away.]

Palinode: A raccoon!

Schmutzie: Really? That's cool.

Palinode: Hmm.

Palinode: You thought I saw a raccoon.

Schmutzie: Yes.

Palinode: There was no raccoon. I just said the word 'raccoon' and you came to your own conclusions.

Schmutzie: You're a jerk.

Palinode: I'm not a jerk. I was just using nouns.

Schmutzie: That would make a good t-shirt.

Palinode: And it would be true.

Schmutzie: You're still a jerk.


Sparkliesunshine said...

Now I really want to have this exact conversation with someone. Is that wrong?

P.S. - I would buy that shirt.

/brandon\ said...


(not the post mind you. i'm practicin' mah adjectives.)

You can call me, 'Sir' said...


I'm such a bandwagon jumper.

palinode said...

sparkliesunshine - Yes. Yes it is.

/brandon\ - Clearly. (adverb practice)

'sir' - Glockenspiel? Where?

lotus07 said...

George Bush! .............

(wait, that isn't a noun, its an insult, my bad.)

Chris said...

Jerk is a noun, unless it's used within the context of a choke hold.

palinode said...

It's also an adjective, or at least a provocative portion of noun phrase, in the context of chicken.

palinode said...

"George W Bush" and "jerk" are both insults, and they even have a bit of equivalency.

Schmutzie said...

You are featured on Five Star Friday:

Marinka said...

I thought that Schmutzie totally got that you were just practicing nouns and thought that it was very cool.

You assumed that she thought that you saw a raccoon.

Because which is cooler? nouns or raccoons? I

palinode said...

Marinka - Not to throw cold water on your interpretation, but I had the advantage of being present for the conversation, and I can say with confidence that Schmutzie thought I was pointing out a raccoon. I kind of wish there had been a raccoon, because I like their faces, and the way big raccoons kind of lumber around.