Friday, March 21, 2008

weekend project

There are two ways to fight back against depression that do not involve pharmaceuticals. The first is to write my way through the experience (but that's a subsequent post). The second is to imperil my personal tech infrastructure.

the siblings

These are my friends, whose existence and obedience I have purchased with credit card. The larger of the two is my MSI laptop, which is a respectable enough beast: 1.86 gHz Core Duo processor (note that there no claims to a 'dual core' processor), 1 gigabyte of RAM, 100 gigabytes of hard drive tucked inside. It came packaged with Windows Vista, which I've managed to tweak to my liking.

my computers at rest

The smaller computer is the plucky underdog of the two, an Asus eee with 512 megabytes of RAM and a 4 gig flash hard drive. It's my portable computer, the one that I throw in my shoulder bag and take out to coffee shops. People's brains short circuit when they see it in action. If I were single, my eee would be on the front lines of Mission Getting Me Laid.

Anyway, my weekend project involves installing Xubuntu Linux on my eee. Right now it runs Xandros Linux, which runs well enough, but the options for software are limited. And ever since I was a child, I've nurtured a dream of swapping out a K Desktop Environment for a GNOME-based environment. True story! I have no clue what I'm talking about!

Wish me luck.


lotus07 said...

You are going to need more than luck. First things first, make a back up boot disk / flash drive, you might need it.

I have gone with OSX....I am still holding of on Vista....

palinode said...

That's good advice. I've backed everything up so far. Next up: booting Xubuntu from a Live CD on my Vista machine and creating a bootable USB drive for installation on the eee.

Ozma said...

I want those things and I have no idea what's good about them. Except one of them looks little.

Anonymous said...

Happy Egg Day!

Thomas said...

Just this week I've gone back to the dark side. I was running two laptops on Ubuntu and having a great time of it. One of them crapped out hardware wise. The other one, though the more advanced of the two gives me all sorts of wireless and graphics problems.

I finally decided to buy a dell with vista just because, for day to day BS stuff, it all works pretty well and I don't much have to think about it. This leaves me free to put my documents and basic media on the new computer while I have a grand ol' time dissecting the old one.

I still feel guilty about going back to gates-land.