Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back at work

I started work again on Monday. Half days. I have about two more half days of people telling me I look great before they forget that I spent 2007 bent over like a paperclip.

The most intriguing change is the unusable phone at my desk. I have my regular old phone, the grey plastic box slowly acquiring dust and grime, and a shiny new one with a little LCD screen. Over the screen is a sticky note saying Aidan, Don't Use This Phone Yet.

No word on when the magic new-phone moment arrives.


Thomas said...

What if someone were to call you on the new phone, would you be able to answer it? Would you be obligated to use the old phone in the hopes that the two were somehow linked.

Can you use it for things other than phoning, like weighting down papers or as an aerodynamically questionable shot put?

What are the consequences for using the new phone?

blackbird said...

- something to look forward too.
Perhaps it will be after you return to FULL days.

Nate said...

There should be an addendum to the note that says, "When the moment comes to use this phone - you'll just know."

fatboyfat said...

Here's the thing - we've all been given new phones while you were off. I thought it was just me until I read this post.

Now I'm puzzled. And scared. And a little bit excited. But mostly puzzled.

palinode said...

thomas - I picked up the handset and put it to my ear, convinced that I was wrecking something somewhere in the act. I put it back in its cradle before I could do further damage to the cosmos.

blackbird - A new phone will be my reward for an eight-hour day at the desk?

nate - Maybe I have to use the Force for this phone.

fatboyfat -

palinode said...

fatboyfat - Really? Can you call my new phone and ask it what it's there for?

blackbird said...

Oh, no, it's never a REWARD.
They don't give rewards.
It's a carrot. To get you there for an 8 hour day.

fatboyfat said...

I finally plucked up the courage to call the phone. All I got was a recorded message saying: "Aidan can't come to the phone right now - he is outside, wrangling a palindrome."

That can't be right, can it?

palinode said...

blackbird - So a phone is the carrot (and not, as I had always believed, a paycheque). I wonder what the stick would be.

fatboyfat - I'm wrangling hyperboles actually, but otherwise the phone is right.