Monday, December 03, 2007

x365: 51 of 365: greg s.

You liked window seats on airplanes. You talked frequently about your family, introduced me to your wife, showed me photos of your kids, but it didn't take long to notice how badly you craved time on the road. You had a look, which I can only describe as deep calm, when the airplane started its taxi along the runway. You took the window seat every time.


ozma said...

Yeah, I love my family but I love time on the road.

I go kind of crazy when I am apart from them but I never complain if I have to go away. There is a part that wants the aloneness of the window seat. (I really do need the window seat.) That part of me is insane and without a family would drive me into the ground but it can only come to fruition in a hotel in a city where I know no one and have no one I have to talk to.

Just so you know the guy's not necessarily a hypocrite.

palinode said...

ozma - I never said or implied that Greg was a hypocrite. That wasn't the message I was going for.

Greg was more torn than anything else. He derived a real joy from working on the road, even though it took him away from his family. He felt at home when he traveled.