Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the appliance clothes

image from BoingBoing Gadgets

Via BoingBoing Gadgets, a 1949 ad for a Man-from-Mars Radio Hat. The creators could have plumped for greater efficiency and called it a Martian Radio Hat, but I can see where that would prove confusticating for some folk. But the ad did get me thinking about other possible appliance-clothing combos that would set the world to talking.

The Dishwasher Slacks
The Carwash Jacket
The iPhone Thong
The Breadmaker Twill Polo Top for Men and Women
The Projectile Parka
The Letter Opener Scrunchie
The Stovetop Dress
The Range Hood Hood
The Damp Socks

I know, you're wondering why I'm not rich beyond my wildest dreams. I think it's because my dreams are so very, very tame.

UPDATE: The Wii Wig


Anonymous said...

how about a tea-cozy toque with matching tea-cozy spout scarf -- "for the little tea pot in all of us."

Sparkling Red said...

I have one! I have one!

The Microwave Unitard

Rebecca said...

The food processor fingerless gloves?

Nate said...

The Blender Brassiere.

The Smoke Detector Smoking Jacket.

The Fold-Out Sofa Jeans - for lazy nymphomaniacs.

I'm-a stop now.

fatboyfat said...

The coffee grinder string vest?

lotus07 said...

I think my uncle owned one of these.......it gave him brain cancer.

palinode said...

And the winner is Nate, for his smoke detector smoking jacket! He gets some prize of some kind. I dunno.

Nate said...

Woo-hoo! I may create a badge to put on my site.