Wednesday, November 07, 2007

some photos today

dirty mirror 01

dirty mirror 03

dirty mirror 02

courtyard window through bottle

oskar through the cleaning fluid

A cat!


Nate said...

Your bookshelves look like mine.

kelly said...

oh, lord. in every shot, i'm wondering how much pain you're experiencing.

palinode said...

Don't think of me as being in pain. Think of me as pretty.

savia said...

These pictures make me feel like I'm the one on morphine.

Nicely done.

levendis said...

I like to think of those bookshelves as purposefully reckless. Like the bookshelves you find on a movie set or a TV show. Deliberately jumbled. Thrown around just enough to make them look unorganized, but with an underlying order that, to anyone but the casual observer, becomes remarkably clear.

You think that thesaurus landed there by accident? Oh no, sir. No, no.