Friday, November 30, 2007

food poisoning

Last night I went to see No Country for Old Men. If I have anything to suggest about moviegoing, it's this: don't get poutine. I came home, felt queasy, spent the night talking to the toilet bowl. In between trips to the toilet my fever-touched brain kept running over strange scenarios and wouldn't settle down enough for me to sleep. My stomach settled around nine this morning, and I slept until 4:30 this afternoon. I still feel drained and old.

Why am I telling you this? Because I'm putting in my NaBloPoMo dues. Today is the last day, but I had nothing else on my mind besides my treacherous body. So my body it is.


ozma said...

Are you joking?

Poultine is such a source of humor here that when people talk about it I assume they must be making some kind of attempt at humor.

They sell that at movies?

People eat it?

Hope you feel better.

ZaZa said...

Are you sure it was the poutine and not that godawful virus that's been making the rounds??? I thought I was having food poisoning, too, until a week or so later when I talked to others who'd had the virus.

Whichever, stay hydrated. Something like a room temp sport drink or sport tea is best. Especially if you start getting chills. The electrolytes seem to short circuit that.

Take care!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Congrats on finishing and for surviving poutine. Hope you recover quickly.

palinode said...

ozma - I wish I were joking. But yes, you can get poutine in some movie theatres here. The one I went to had a New York Fries outlet, which sells a distinctively non-New York dish.

I can understand why people find poutine funny. I find it funny. And now, potentially fatal.

zaza - It could definitely be a virus. Everyone I know is sick as a dog, so why shouldn't breath some new life into the form by reinventing the classic flu as a night of retching? Thanks for the hydrating advice.

bipolarlawyercook - I feel better already. Not quite 100%, but much better than the other night.

Helvetica said...

You live in the wrong province for poutine, my friend. In MY town you can get poutine with paté on it. That doesn't make you sick at all, nooo.

/\ said...

back in my wife's country, she would always ask me to buy her a bag of olives when we went to the movies, but the only time we ever got sick was when we watched a dubbed version of Trapped in Paradise. ugh.

palinode said...

helvetica - Well, you live in poutine's natural centre of gravity. You're right at the core, where the poutine, under intense pressures, forms a single molten mass.

/\ - I'm going to assume that it was the movie and not the food that sickened you.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that though something called poutine sounds harmful and potentialy dangerous, it's really quite amazing.
Also, don't judge, you can get food poisoning from anything at the movie theater, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

good for you! tell those anti-semitic NaBloPoMo, ass to p-off! Damn them for not deducting the sabbath from their year count