Tuesday, October 23, 2007

no new low left

Sometimes I squint at this image and I think I'm coming close to understanding it. Then a stray thought intrudes and it all falls apart.

As far as I can tell, comic book artists of the fifties understood that the chief threat to our cities would not be poor urban planning, or Soviet nuclear bombs, or terrorists at the controls of a jet, but a miniature Earth with a grudge against our infrastructure.

Also, what the hell kind of phone is that guy using?


Image found on Again With The Comics


Belinda said...

You see those phones in old movies like "Desk Set." Lots of lines, don'tcha know.

Birchsprite said...

Two worlds? Who knew??

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Whoa, that phone is supremely freaktastic.

Also, if you follow the rocket's contrail backwards, it appears to have taken off from Houston. I've always said that Houston should be destroyed, because they're obviously just a bunch of bad seeds eager to use their NASA site to wreak havoc.

mathew said...

that would be a switchboard phone. to quote belinda: 'lots of lines, don'tcha know.'

fatboyfat said...

But who's to say we're not actually inhabiting the smaller world out of the two?

palinode said...

fatboyfat - I'm pretty sure that if we were the smaller of the two worlds, there'd be all kinds of articles in the paper on the hoarding of weapons and displays of naked aggression by "Earth-Big".

Mathew - Thanks for the info.

'sir' - Houston is an ugly city full of angry people, so I have no doubt that they'd grab hold of the controls at NASA to level the skyscrapers of "Earth-Big," with its arrogant oversizing and its blatant use of switchboard phones.