Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a lesson from my cat

You think that Onion, my cat, is harmless. Here in this photo he is beguiling you.

Beguiler x-3000

Pow! Onion has delivered a powerful right jab. You have been schooled by my cat.


Now you'll think twice before letting the cat beguile you.



Anonymous said...

I'z sceerda da Onyun. Shmootsy tellded tarible story bout gettin scritchded on hirz surjree.

I haz kitteh 2 who'z v. v. skeery an she still justa behbeh. Las nyte, she hugded mah leg den CHOMP, bit mah neekap. No mor beegylen 4 hir.

Gr8 pichas btw.

Nate said...

Pretteh kitteh.

Stacey said...

Onion is cute. I think he may have some competition with my cat, Gatsby, who has a mean right hook.

loren said...

If your cat causes any more destruction, feel free to send Onion my way - what a snuggly kitty!

palinode said...

Onion is available for parties, commitment-free petting, discreet encounters. Competitive rates, clumping litter.

Rebecca said...

You need to get Onion his own little pair of brass knuckles.

palinode said...

Brass knuckles with 'love' and 'hate' engraved on them.

Or maybe embossed. Yeah. That way the victims of Onion's schooling would take his message away carved into their faces! Maybe his brass knuckles could say 'U has got servd'.