Thursday, October 04, 2007

I can see the End Times from my office window

How convenient is it that I already have a label called "the end of all things"?

end times 05

end times 01

end times 02

end times 03

It's not a corner office, but it's within spitting distance of the apocalypse.


Schmutzie said...

You make the world look scary.

rekabek said...

I agree! These are quite creepy, especially to those of us in California who don't see rain for many months at a time.

palinode said...

We don't get much rain out here either, but the occasional summer storms do bizarre things to the sky - you get weird aquamarines and washed-out yellows mixed with an ugly orangey brown. Then there are high-altitude microbursts that tear clouds up like tissue paper, and double rainbows that partition the sky. It's disquieting.

Abigail Road said...

Holy crap, that's creepy.