Thursday, October 18, 2007

cleaning house

In my last post I scanned in some of my handwriting. Sometimes I write in all caps, as you can see in this scrap I wrote at some far flung point in the past:

caps sample

The only thing is, I'm not sure whether I'm the author of those words. I may have taken it down from something I was reading, but since I usually write down the source, I think it's safe to lay claim to it.

I also lay claim to this:

fish derby singers

That's the latest marine sensation, the act that's wowing them in the waves: Wubsy, Flubsy, and Lousy Tail, the Fish Derby Singers. For which I apologize.


mnuez said...

The frustrated, smart-man's, complaint is a good one.



palinode said...

I'm bitter because I can't get the Fish Derby Singers a major label deal. But these days, who wants one?

Cerwiden said...

I think Lousy Tail has more pressing issues than his tail. Someone seems to have picked him clean. In fact, I think his tail is the best thing he's got going at this point.

Could you get him a fish jacket or something? It would pretty him up.

palinode said...

I think you're right about Lousy Tail. The name's ironic, by the way - kind of along the lines of calling the biggest guy Tiny. So far he's gotten away with being dead and bony because he's the real creative force behind the group. With the sweetest harmonies.