Wednesday, August 22, 2007

palinode likes a google game

Courtesy of a friend of mine on the everloving Facebook, I found another Googlist game. In this one, you take your name, which we'll say is Aidan for the sake of argument, and Google the phrase "Aidan likes to". I predict, since there are so many young-to-baby Aidans out there, that most of my results would involve sippy cups, aggresion and excrement. At the very least, I figured I would excavate the smooshy world of children's lives narrated in aching detail by their adoring wired parents. It's the vanguard of a generation of people who will grow up with lives partly exposed to the public sphere. Let's see how right I was.

Aidan likes Indie Games.
Aidan does not like sitting in the driver's seat.
Aidan likes to emulate.
Aidan, of course, likes his new vantage point.
Aidan likes being out and about in Hammersmith and Fulham.
Aidan likes them.
Aidan likes to call them.
Aidan likes to stay in.
Aidan likes it. Actually, he likes the theme song.
Aidan likes to see the different kind of the expression of my face [big sic].

Aidan likes to talk and to sing.
Aidan likes red.
Aidan likes to help.
Aidan likes growing plants and cooking (and eating) food.
Aidan likes it a lot.
Aidan Likes Steve Carell.
Aidan likes to stay awake after his 3:00 bottle.
Aidan likes art.
Aidan likes that.
Aidan likes his new shin guards for soccer.
Aidan likes to roar and the T-Rex is just a cover for acceptable roaring in public.

Aidan likes to use dad's thumb as a gear shift...Faster Daddy!!
Aidan likes to vacuum. [Poor bastard].
Aidan likes to feel things in his hands.
Aidan likes buttermilk.
Aidan likes to tackle a massive jigsaw puzzle [Inappropriate].
Aidan likes to play with his Lamaze baby gym.
Aidan likes it clean.
Aidan likes Brian Lara.
Aidan likes to splash his mother!
Aidan likes bologna too.
Aidan likes the feisty little cub.
Aidan likes to lead us in prayer before dinner.
Aidan likes to sit under my chair and chew on his books.
Aidan likes this horse a lot.
Aidan likes Marmite on his toast for breakfast.
Aidan likes all the tot movies.
Aidan likes to poke me in the eyes.
Aidan likes to pull hair.

Aidan likes the "tunnel".
Aidan likes to have a drink in the car.
Aidan likes hardcore.
Aidan likes to cover up the little squirt hole with his finger.


Pocket.Buddha said...

I love that game!!! well, love is a strong word, more like i appreciate the distraction it provides.

Rebecca said...

Rebecca likes sexy writing
Rebecca likes Miyake
Rebecca likes my jewelry very much
Rebecca likes doing “the task”
Rebecca likes the new pictures
Rebecca likes herself

Great. Apparently not only do I have good self-esteem, I've got a thing for Japanese BDSM lesbian porn.

wench said...

this sucks:
1. Donna likes to spend time with her four daughters? no way no how
2. the next is a link to quotes from the 70's show between Donna & Jackie ???
3.Donna Kay loves to be loved. TRUE
4.Donna Kay likes to start things, find out things, and help people talk together
5.Donna Kay likes to cook.

after 4 pages that was it - c'est la vie!

fatboyfat said...

Phil likes Tacos - they're super effective!
Phil likes beatboxin' man boobs
Phil likes my trainers
Phil likes the the soft, but solid feel of the insert
Phil likes to find old things buried in the dirt

Scary thing is, I think some of these might actually be about me.

Rebecca said...

Who doesn't like beatboxin' man boobs, really?

Shelley said...

Holy schlmoly that's fun. I got a bumper crop and have to share:

Shelley likes to pair the appetizer with the 2005 Alois Caulino
Shelley likes to cultivate the image with her South Hills crowd that she's really is pro-choice. [oh, me and my South Hills crowd...]
Shelley likes to daydream, and wanders off, I usually have to go looking for her.
Shelley likes to drive the lane for buckets and has the strength to finish.
Shelley likes to attend the Wairarapa car club
Shelley likes to wear her tortillas.. Shelley likes to wear her tortillas...
Shelley likes to spend her Saturday slopping the hogs and to harass Charlie.
Shelley likes to take 'food service' gloves, put a single candy corn in each finger tip, then fill the rest of the fingers and the body of the glove with ...
Shelley likes to put it at the end of the book.
shelley likes to frequently hump the whale.
Shelley likes to punch people.


Deb said...

Deb's not as complicated as Shelley with her whale humping or as Rebecca with the Miyake.

Deb likes cheerful employees, ones that whistle while they work
Deb likes foam (on Flickr)
Deb likes to use the Belgium linen
Deb LIKES Mable
Deb likes me more than she likes you.
Deb likes the slippers.
Deb likes to show her "twins"!
Deb likes to play with fire

Plus I found a Pre-K handout about what Deb likes to put on my blog, so Deb is happy about that.

mathew said...

Mathew likes to become one with his inner Joe Jackson from time to time.
Mathew likes to crawl around the floorboards.
Mathew likes to tinker.
Mathew likes to listen to techno music and sleep!
Mathew likes to paint quickly.
Mathew likes to put it, BUT not with the same meaning he has (you know what I mean).
Mathew likes to play golf and is also a tennis player of some stature.
Mathew likes to keep a low profile and prefers to not take himself or the game too seriously.
Mathew likes to play inside, at home.
Mathew likes to shoot.
Mathew likes to do reading on current affairs, watch documentaries on TV and keep himself fit.
Mathew likes to dress in black and sneak into the corn after dark.
Mathew likes to show off.
Mathew likes to sing, play, and listen to music.
Mathew likes to be in the buff just like Richard.
Mathew likes to scribble articles about this industry.
Mathew likes to be called mat love.
Mathew likes to pen down articles about this field.
Mathew likes to come to my apartment uninvited.
Mathew likes to smoke cigars.

Nice that it makes me sound like some sort of sex-crazed night stalker perv.

Rebecca said...

Why are you sneaking into the corn?

palinode said...

Hey, Mat Love doesn't need to justify his corn sneaking actions to no one.

Molly said...

Molly likes idea of filtering.
Molly likes the organic evolutionary nature.
Molly likes to move it, move it.
Molly likes Big Font.
Molly likes left (?) side of her face best.
Molly likes beef, therefore she should be Master Carver.
Molly likes the odd stunt.
Molly likes rolling in muck.
Molly likes to control our life.

You hear me! I am controlling your life! (from my Dick Cheney-esque muck rolling haven somewhere in the Rockies.)