Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tv talk

Schmutzie: Do you want to watch anything?

Palinode: Mmmh.

Schmutzie: Do you want to watch Look Who's Talking?

Palinode: I only watch Look Who's Talking Too.

Schmutzie: Nothing else?

Palinode: Or I watch Zoe Busiek: Wild Card.

Schmutzie: You really don't.

Palinode: In fact, if you ask me what I'm doing, 75% per cent of the time I'm watching Zoe Busiek: Wild Card.

Schmutzie: They pronounce it Byoo-sek, not Byoo-see-ek. So you clearly don't watch the show all the time.

Palinode: They say it like that because the characters all have a speech impediment.

Schmutzie: No.

Palinode: I guess you didn't catch that episode.

Palinode: Of Zoe Byoo-zee-ek.

Palinode: Wahld Cuh-yaard.


Schmutzie said...


Neil said...

You guys really are wild, aren't you?

Shelley said...

I would have believed you if you'd written this a year or so ago when Zoe Busiek Wild Card was on TV 75% of the time. Then those fabulous entertainment crapathons were deemed Canadian content and Zoe is broadcast much less frequently. So clearly you're just trying to cover up the fact that 75% of the time you're watching Jeff Inc.

(I found myself so exhausted by the thickness of the plot within the opening theme montage of ZBWC that the thought of watching any more of an episode was too overwhelming)

palinode said...

Shelley - that was my exact reaction to ZBWC when I first encountered it. After the opening montage I felt like I'd watched an entire season, so I changed the channel and have not been back since.

In truth, 75% of the time I seem to be watching Gene Simmon's Family Jewels. I'm not sure how that happened.