Friday, June 01, 2007

i has a camra?

Yahoo! I got me a swanky, nearly pill-sized* little digital camera. They call it a Lumix FZ-8. I call it Daniel the Camera. Why Daniel? Because many years ago, when I was an orphaned boy wandering around the ruins of Eastern Europe, a man named Daniel locked me in a shed and forgot about me. I nearly starved to death. Daniel looked a lot like my camera. Here is the only surviving photo of that half-human, half-animal jailer who nearly destroyed me.

And here are a few images I took of stuff 'round the house.

Here are two otherwise civilized cats exploding into arcs and blobs.

And then some more.

These are wind chimes that Schmutzie's parents brought us from the Dominican a few years back.

It behooves you not to forget the Crab House Crunch.

Anyway, every time I look at my camera, I think of Daniel, and my heart grows a little colder. It's good to have a camera.

*Obviously I'm talking about a sizable pill.


Charlene said...

very nice! I'm jealous. I love my Lumix and can't wait to get the new model.
Are you on Flickr?

savia said...

Those are awesome photos.

That blond chick near schmutzie's desk said...

What's the verdict on the Crabhouse crunch? Culinary catastrophe? Crab-tacular tin of splendor? Inquiring minds want to know.

palinode said...

Charlene: Aren't Lumixes (or is that Lumices?) fun? I was going to buy the FZ-50, which is bulkier and a bit more feature-heavy, but the FZ-8 appears to do most of what I want, barring a really nice SLR.

I am on Flickr, although I don't have very many photos right now. You can visit my Flickr pages here:

palinode said...

Savia: Thank you.

blond chick: The Crab House Crunch takes some adjustment for your taste buds. Kind of like WWII probably took some adjustment for Europeans.

Deron said...

I have a desire to recreate the cover of Huey Lewis and the News's #1 multi-platinum smash album Fore!. I will need a photographer. Call me.

Also, please bring Huey Lewis and a leather jacket.

palinode said...

I will at least bring the news. I mean, The News.

Anonymous said...

I believe the correct syntactical form of your subject line is "i can has camra?" If we ignore the rules of lolgrammar, how will anyone be able to understand anyone else?


Two Write Hands said...

I especially like the shot of the chimes.

mathew said...

i has a comnemt

where can i get me some crab house crunch in the states?

also i swear to god this word verification is fucking with me and adding a letter each time i post a comment

palinode said...

Anonymous K.: I am breaking no rules of lolcat grammar. The phrase "I can has" indicates a desire for the object. The question mark in 'i has a camra?' is there to suggest that maybe I shouldn't have a camera at all, and that I am more aware of that possibility than anyone else.

t.w.h.: Thanks. I favour the cat photos, myself, because they're constantly moving and shifting into new positions, whereas with the chimes I just had to get on my back and frame away. But that's a process vs product thing.

Mathew: Crab House Crunch and similar products are made by the Blue Crab Bay Co.

There is almost nothing crab-related that they won't make. You can buy their stuff on Amazon if you have a mind to do it. Or just call out "Craaab Houuuuse Cruuuunch!" at the top of your voice and the Blue Crab Man will come by and shower you with crab-associated products.

Mr. Head said...

Oh, soooo good the Crabhouse Crunch is.

davidbdale said...

love the Lumix 12x! Really excellent zoom for a little box.