Monday, April 16, 2007

the bad blogging habit

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a blog is to have it reduced, bit by it, to a pointer. The blogger starts branching out into other projects, maybe starts a band or goes into professional writing, and the blog itself starts to lose its personality, become slighter and increasingly ghostly. Eventually the enterprise is reduced to periodic entries apologizing for the paucity of posts, and links to the other things that the blogger is doing. The entries ususally look like this:
Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posting around here. But between the baby and my e-commerce portal I've been so busy that I never get the time to sit down and write a really good entry. By the way, I'm hosting a Poetry Slam at Kickajama's next Thursday, if you're in town you should check it out.
And that's all you get.

All this is by way of saying that I've written another entry for Travels With Greg, my exhaustive account of a six-week documentary shoot throughout Europe.


Anonymous said...

Eggs Pallinode's Anonymous rant.
it's like Eggs Florentine, but a lot easier and faster to make.

2 eggs
fresh spinach
mushrooms (canned or fresh)
an onion (green onions are good too, I used a shallot [they're sweeter])
Ham (optional, but tastes great)
Swiss Cheese (instead of hollandaise-sauce, but if you go the extra mile , all the power to ya.)
Toast, or Crumpets. -mmm crumpets.

in a non stick frying pan, add a little olive oil.
then toss in the spinach lining the bottom of the pan.
toss on some chopped up onion (less than a 1/4 cup)
toss in some mushrooms (about 1/4 cup)
add 1/2 a roma-tomato(diced) and ham if you got it.
-cook on a low-medium temperature for about 4 minutes.
-put toast or crumpets in toaster now.
slap two eggs on top, raise the temp to medium, and cover.
-before the toast pops and after the eggs have firmed a bit toss on 1.5 inch square piece of Swiss cheese on each egg above the yoke. (if it is process Swiss-slices -throw it out! grow-up and buy real cheese, you fucking idiot, were you raised in the McDonalds at the back of Wallmart!?! throw out that spray-can of cheese to... for fucks sake, Real cheese is even cheaper too. You disgust me and i spit in your process cheese food.)
-toast pops!
the eggs should be done by now. so lift them out of the frying pan and on top of the toast the spinach and mushrooms are below the egg and above the toast.
serve and eat. yum. I like to have a bit of mushroom in every bite.

that's it cooking and prep time =total : 10-5 minutes. It is not only easy to make but has more nutrients than your average mulit-vitamin pill, it's so easy that if you screw it up... I laugh at you and then urinate in your dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the non-sequitur, but your multi-tasking blog made me wonder if I could write a cook-book, cause cooking relaxes me so. If your interested in other recipes I have a great one for I'll shoot your fucking grandma salmon Wellington and another for crepes.

Mr. Head said...


palinode said...

I think I'll make a batch of shit in your hat Crepes Suzette.