Thursday, March 08, 2007


Schmutzie: So far two people from my past have found my weblog and figured out who I am.

Palinode: Well, holy spit.

Schmutzie: I wonder who's next.

Palinode: It won't be long before ole Santa's going to come knocking for you.

Schmutzie: Yup.

Palinode: You think so, hey? Santa?

Schmutzie: Yup.

Palinode: Did you understand what I meant when I said that?

Schmutzie: No.

Palinode: I was hoping you could explain it to me.


My Head Is Too Big said...

*scratches head for a minute* Because Santa knows when you are sleeping and awake, etc? Sick bastard, always watching people sleep. Mayhap he has an I.T. dept. now where they monitor traffic in the blogosphere? He slides down RSS feeds to deliver comments to all the good little bloggy boys and girls.

abigailroad said...

Mr. Palinode, you are an odd duck sometimes.But I adore you, and your conversations with Schmutzie anyways. ;)

wench said...

santa always knows where you are so he never has to find you since he is always present.

love ya

palinode said...

If he's always present, then he's never going to come knocking. He has and always will be knocking, on both sides of the door at once. Santa defies us. His omnipresence confounds us and portends our limitations, which is why he must be stopped.