Friday, January 05, 2007

tea and toast

Palinode: I made a fine pot of tea last night.

Schmutzie: Did you?

Palinode: I’m clearly going to make some more tea right now.

Schmutzie: Oh, clearly.

Palinode: It’s pretty obvious that’s the way things are going.

Schmutzie: I really like the green tea with the toasted rice flavour.

Palinode: (slight pause) That’s not the tea I’m referring to, with regard to making some more.

Schmutzie: I know, but I really like that toasted rice flavour. I think I just like that flavour of toast with anything… tea…

Palinode: Yup.

Schmutzie: Ice cream…*

Palinode: That’s good ice cream, with the toast flavour.

Schmutzie: And toast.

Palinode: Toast flavour pairs well with toast.

Schmutzie: We should sell bread with that flavour!

Palinode: Bread that tastes like toast?

Schmutzie: You wouldn’t need to put it in the toaster for that toast taste!

Palinode: I don’t think that would sell.

Schmutzie: I think people would eat it, like, at least twice.

Palinode: I think people would throw up, like, a lot.

*Toasted sesame ice cream. Available at Japanese restaurants.


alice said...

I have seen toast for sale. I have. Seen it. in loaves. Toast-loaves.

palinode said...

How lazy or deprived must you be to buy pre-toasted bread? Or obversely, how busy do you have to be before you just don't have time to toast your bread?

Now I'm imagining the product committee that must have come up pre-toasted bread. "It'll add value!" "What about mouthfeel?" "Let's saturate the market... the toast market!"

Sue said...

in the P' tea. It sounds illegal.

Sue said...

Sorry about that last comment, half of it was eaten by the aliens and of course this time I got the word verification right on the first send.

What I was sayin' was,

I want to know what was in the P's tea. It sounds illegal.

Crizette said...

Well, I have seen toasted ice cream. Not just in Japanese stores in the Philippines. I've tried it though and don't like it.

starcat said...

you know, with 44% of americans believing that the Earth is less than 10 thousand years old, pretoasted bread would make billions and billions.

In fact, to slightly break out of irony (if I'm capable of that: I may have to take more vitamins): I cannot believe that it doesn't already exist.

My Head Is Too Big said...

noice. i needed a toasty chuckle this mornin'. cheers

Mother Bumper said...

I agree with starcat, there are enough simple folk to keep the pretoasted toast market going for a while. Perhaps you should get in on the bottom floor, this could be your chance at a million.