Monday, December 18, 2006

vacation days

Hey guys! Over the last week I've been watching Six Feet Under. My girlfriend left all her DVDs behind when she went on her overseas mission, so I've been catching up on the crazy stuff that everyone's watching these days. And while I don't think all that language is necessary, it got me to thinking about how the kids out there are talking about death. I mean, check this out from the NFB catalogue:

That kid isn't just talking about death, he (or maybe she, I can't tell) is talkin' about it. Heck, maybe the kids are out there crunkin' about death right now.

I've written a hip-hop song for the kids that tells them all about how uncool death is and how great it feels to be alive, by comparison. The beats are phat and they've got cowbell up the you-know. The point is, if my fresh jam stops even one kid from taking his or her life, like that Wilson-Phillips tune, then this website has paid for itself twenty times over.

Let's kick it live-style.

The dead don't wind no clocks
The dead don't darn no socks
And all the choked-out brokers
Hope the afterlife's got stocks

The dead don't do 1337-speak
'Cause d00d their game is weak
And when they turn their TVs on
It's always Dawson's Creek (P3WND!)

Their nightclubs all is dull!
They're Ottawa, we're Hull!
They've only got one Yuk-Yuks
And they just booked Martin Mull!

The dead don't eat no ce-re-al
'Cause they are too fu-ner-e-al
We muster like old Custer
All our soldiers and ma-te-ri-el

But one day we'll be there too
Sure as drivers turn a screw
We'll forget the ones who loved us
And that cat that smelled like poo

Yeah, that cat sure smelled like poo
And that homeless guy did too
From the purrin' to the urine
Life is beautiful and true

I'm also developing an instructional multimedia resource kit for classes up to grade 9. It's totally karoake, dudes! I mean d00dz. Whatever that shit is. You kids are like little freaking aliens, if you want my honest opinion.


schmutzie said...

Your overseas girlfriend on a mission? I think Morrissey has something to say about that.

palinode said...

Girlfriend on a mission/ I know, it's really serious?

Anonymous said...

you know, I would hate
Anything to happen to her.

...but what about the Play...when do we see the character list, and set directions?

Act 1, Scene 1,
Curtain rises on the TABU (cigarette papers Factory)Bar, in Matamores, Mexico. Its dark, but the midget waiters are wearing white suit jackets and the mariachi band is playing on a stage, but from your angle you can't see their heads, you can't see above their elbows.

A waiter enters stage right walking quickly past the prostitutes (dressed like Madonna in the 80's), on his tray he has a cold Tom Collins, in a tall slim frosted glass.

Seated at the table is Epic's Hero Cloudesly, with a "girl from Ipanema", playing in his head, while the band on stage sings:
"Adiós, Mariquita linda,
Ya me voy porque tú ya no me quieres
Como yo te quiero a ti

Adiós, chaparrita chula,
ya me voy para tierras muy lejanas
y ya nunca volveré "

Sue said...

Wow I am watching 6FU too. I saw the first season twice, just after it came out on DVD. Then got HBO just to keep up with it but missed season 2, and it took forever to come out on DVD, and they never showed it on HBO, not even on a marathon day so I had to watch season three on HBO, which was very frustrating and confusing because the Fischers and family change lovers and lifestyles like socks then just to confuse you, they go back to ex's, so I gave up and let 6FU run its course without me. I felt like a banished family member and decided I wasn't banished, I left, and I wouldn't be waiting for anymore DVD releases neither. So there.

Then it showed up on Bravo and I started Tivo'ing season 2 so I could find out what happened between 1 and 3. Wow did I miss a lot. But I really hate the swear word dubs. Why can't they just bleep them into silence? No one says freaking that much!

So now I am renting the DVD's, too impatient to wait for Netflix and overpaying at the video store. I just watched Nate bury his wife at the beginning of season 4 and tried not to cry because I kept telling myself it wasn't real, but it was so real that I actually got a little gaggy over the smell.

I went to the same seminary as one of their story editors, Craig Wright, but I ever met him. I occasionally hear the voices of our professors and the books they made us read and that's kind of cool.

I think that show is the most brilliant ever made, perhaps even surpassing Joss Whedon's Buffy, and that is saying aLOT because I love me some Buffy.

I know you mentioning 6FU was just an intro for some stuff that I kind of blotted out, but I just needed to spew about how much I love that show. Better late than never.

Am I the only one who can never get the freaking word verifications right on the first try? FREAK!

palinode said...

Sue. I'm halfway through season 3 right now. Which means that any major events from mid-season 3 onward, such as the death of Nate's wife, are unknown to me. So I'm going to pretend that you didn't just drop a major plot point in my lap there.

You're right, though: it's a great show. Watching too many episodes in succession produces a kind of misanthropic daze, but it's worth it.

Better than Buffy? Those are some strong words. Strong words. Don't let the Whedon police find you.

Sue Huff said...

It's a boy (on the poster). Check out the film sometime. You'd be surprised how funny the kids are.

Sue Huff (director of Kids Talkin' About Death)
Edmonton, Alberta