Friday, October 13, 2006

infinite crisis

Until I show you this image, nothing else can possibly happen in the palace. No one will oil the oubliette, polish the balustrades or refresh the moat. So in the spirit of moving on, here you go.

Ha ha. Stupid flower woman. She shall die for sure.

I'm glad this is just a panel from DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths, and not, say, a page ripped from a Nazi instruction manual for urban warfare. "How to Fight in Charming Little Market Areas of Western Europe - Know Your Hostages". Imagine how the war might have turned out if those lousy Ratzis went around targeting stupid flower women. Those soft-hearted Amerikaners would have thrown down their rifles and skedaddled, all pronto.


traikman said...

Somewhere, in my parents' basement, exists that issue. I must find it.

Youngblood said...

What issue is this from? I own most of them and have read all of them and don't remember this at all.

Grand Tuma said...

I have my concerns too. The drawing looks a little like John Byrne's style. And he didn't join the DC universe until right after Crisis. Oh dear god, why do I know that?

maarmie said...

I say fuck the stupid flower woman. Let 'er die!