Sunday, April 23, 2006

friday on the deck

Last Friday the deck at O'Hanlon's opened. This marks the start of the warm season in this city. Armed with Schmutzie's digital camera, I started taking pictures of people at the long end of the zoom.

This guy caught me just as I was taking the picture. Clearly he was pleased.

Note the strange spindle of a goatee. It's like a little fur-lined piano stool holding up his lip.

His friend didn't care about being photographed. Instead of a goatee he's sporting a bottle of Kokanee.

That must be heavy.

Youngblood (on the left) and Nick (on the right) were sitting with us. At his best moments, Nick looks a bit like Superman.

This is not one of Nick's best moments.

In Youngblood's best moments, he gets a soulful early Peter Fonda look going on.

Actually, I think Youngblood would make a great California folk-rocker circa '71.

Abigail and Dashing Rod joined us for a while. Rod reacted correctly to the news that I'd left my job by buying me a beer. Remember: screwing up your face and saying "Whaddidjadoothatfor?" is the incorrect response. Buying me a beer is always correct, or at least on the correct track.

Last but not least, I caught a couple of photos of C., the world's most dedicated Sonic Youth fan.

And that's all. After I took these photos I stepped out into the street and got hit by a dog on a skateboard. Or maybe that was an episode of Scooby-Doo? Best bet, that was an episode of Scooby-Doo that I made up when I was a kid. Or an adult. Or just now.


mathew said...

what's this? you left your job? i saw no mention of this in the palinode bi-weekly. has my membership lapsed?

Mit_Moi said...

Thank you Mathew - I thought maybe I was having trouble keeping up - like with the eyesight story line in V-Vendetta.

Personally I believe the "Have a beer" comment after the "I left my job announcement", is the 2nd best response! The BEST response would be,

"And I have a great job just waiting for you at $100K/year"!

palinode said...

Yes - I'm leaving my job. Regrettably, no one has yet offered me the 100k/yr job.

ozma said...

Aw, those bastards, you are well free of them.

This sentence is true in 98.42 percent of all job leaving. Which means that ultimately I hope you don't get a job at 100K but that you inherit and get 100K a year for life without ever having a job again. Jobs are always full of bastards. So "I'm dying and leaving you my infinite fortune" seems like the #1 response, then the job at 100K is #2, the beer is #3.

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Okay, I totally had first comment, and apparently it didn't go through. Hmpf.

Anyway, I had just commented on the crazy number of posts over the weekend and what a pleasent surprise they were this morning. And also that I love the second picture (guy with beer) and second to last picture (C. facing to the side). They're both really gorgeous shots.

Sexy Lexi said...

Great set of black and whites! If only photography could pay the bills.

Story of my life.

palinode said...

AMG - Thanks for the compliment, but as you can see with beer guy and C., their faces are doing the heavy lifting in the shots.

S. Lexi - If only x could pay the bills. I must say that to myself twenty times a day. "If only being unshaven could pay the bills". "If only talking about hakapiks could pay the bills".

savia said...

I think you and Schmutzie should go into business as roving candid photographers. "Take your photo for $5?" That could really add up, I think.

palinode said...

I tried to do that for free at Mount Rushmore. You'd be amazed at how unsuccessful my attempt was.