Tuesday, February 07, 2006

purely an example

From the latest Harpers Weekly Review:

Bush also announced during his speech that America is "addicted to oil" and vowed to replace "more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East by 2025." Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said that this promise was not meant to be taken literally. "This," he said, "was purely an example."

Okay then. The president of the US apparently lives in a world where the Bible is literal truth, but his own promises, delivered on television to millions, are figurative.

Bush doesn't need PR flacks to lend his blubbering legitimacy. He needs exegetes.


mathew said...

says it all:

President Washington, President Lincoln, President Wilson, President Roosevelt
have ALL authorized electronic surveillance on a FAR broader scale.

- U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, defending President Bush's program of
spying on U.S. citizens without first getting a warrant, February 6, 2006

palinode said...

What kind of electronics would George Washington have used? The integrated wooden circuit? The can-on-a-string conduction module?

Laura GF said...

Love your comment on Washington's electronic surveillance :) Also, thank you for pointing this out. I wrote a little bit about this on my blog just now and linked back to you.

palinode said...

Thank you, Laura GF. Let me also thank all the people who comment regulary on my site and offer praise, commentary, criticism and support - Mathew, that Anonymous Midwest Girl, The Other Me, Miss A, old skool fan Blackbird, Deron, Gaunilo and Victoria Winters, Lynn, Starcat, Roo, Effective Nancy, Some Chick, ZaZa, Savia, Grand Tuma and W.F.H.T., Honestyrain, TB, JennC, KA, Antique Mommy, Sgazetti, Pterals, Cheesefairy, Helvetica. And of course the ever loving Schmutzie, whom I met once briefly in a cafe and later married.

I extend my apologies to anyone I forgot to include on this list.

roo said...

Dubya is a freaking OIL TYCOON, and he tells the nation our problem is we're addicted to oil.

It's like the dope peddler telling his customers they smoke too much grass, only worse.

Also: You're welcome! It's my pleasure!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Yay! A shout out. I think I just had a tiny orgasm.

And, Bush doesn't need PR flacks to lend his blubbering legitimacy. He doesn't need exegetes. He needs to step down and shut the hell up.